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Anna Hart Exceptional Homes: a boutique estate agency for your boutique development

Your development is exceptional – and you need exceptional styling to match.

You don’t want just interior design – you need sales design.

Your buyers expect the best – and so do you.

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Showhome Design with Psychological Appeal

Anna Hart Exceptional Homes in Nottinghamshire will style and design your showhome specifically to appeal to your ideal buyers.

Your Showhome will feel unique

I create authentic-looking homes, selecting furniture and accessories from a wide range of sources, mimicking the way we actually curate our homes.

You don’t want pre-selected furniture packs – found in any showhome in any development around the country – and you certainly won’t get those with me.

Your showhomes will be truly unique, designed individually to highlight and enhance your specific location, aspect and features. And of course, they’ll be designed to appeal directly to your target market.

I can hire or purchase furniture and accessories on your behalf, to suit your individual circumstances – just leave it all to me. Each and every home on your development will have its own Rightmove listing and its own brochure. I’ll update those listings and brochures throughout the build phase so potential buyers know exactly what they’re looking at.

I create visualisation aids to help those less comfortable with buying off plan to imagine how their new home will look.

I will design all elements of your marketing with your target market as my focus.

We won’t just show them this home – we’ll bring it to life for them.

Maximise Profits & Streamline Cashflow

You’ll create homes that really work – substance and style. You’ll create home that are raved about – the kind that sell fastest and command the best price. My current knowledge of the sale market helps you create the right homes and spaces for the area, the price range, and your target market – saving you from costly errors.

Increase Demand

The more profitable your development, the more in-demand you’ll be. Create a name for yourself amongst landowners keen to maximise their investment.

Why Anna Hart Exceptional Homes for your exceptional development?

My service is ideal for boutique developers like you, who aren’t interested in repeating the same old thing. You want to create something different, something special – something exceptional. You put the time into your planning, you care about the finish – and you’re aiming straight for the top of the market.

A boutique developer needs a boutique estate agency

Only a boutique estate agency can give you and your homes the exceptional treatment you need to truly stand out.


This will be a collaboration from start to finish. First, we decide how the space will work best for our target market – then we make it irresistible.

Planning / Selling Your Development in Nottinghamshire


I get involved right from the get go – at the planning stage. I have designed & installed five showhomes – including a “problem plot” – which led to the successful sale of over 300 houses.

Influence / Selling Your Development in Nottinghamshire


I use my extensive industry experience and knowledge of client needs and consumer trends to help influence floor plan, room layout, electrical and heating positioning – all designed to optimise the saleability of every space right from the very beginning.

Create Demand / Selling Your Development in Nottinghamshire

Create Demand

My design experience coupled with my knowledge of what buyers really want from their homes will help you to create homes that will sell – and sell well.

Andy Churchill, Enderleigh Mews development, Nottingham

Anna has been brilliant for us. She took the time to understand our brief. Put together a great package. Delivered it under budget and on time.

It is rare that you get great service and no hassle. Anna managed that and the result is a great presentation for our purchasers.

Julie Whitehouse, Westerman Homes

Everyone loved the showhomes again today, I can’t wait to see the professional photos! It’s brilliant that we’re all under budget despite the extra bits, thanks again for everything.